Update from QTC-IMX/FRR

QTC-IMX/FRR is pro-actively taking sanitation, hygiene and healthcare-related precautions in our offices and evaluation centers, and with our employees and those we service. Our Business Continuity Plan specific to the current situation, includes some remote working set-ups for our employees. Given the nature of our business relative to in-person meetings with Referral Sources and Injured Workers, as well as examinations by Providers of Injured Workers, daily determinations will be made on appointment maintenance versus re-scheduling or virtual meeting alternatives, as this situation changes. The safety of all parties will continue to be at the forefront of our decision making, while remote working and virtual Meetings, will enable continued and consistent administrative/ sales-related/case management activity completion to the extent possible. As this is a dynamic situation, enhancements are continually being assessed and implemented.

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